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Hair color by Jamie Genco

Written by Jamie Genco - February 21, 2017

Stylist: Jamie Genco
Title: Red, Fiery and Fierce by Jamie Genco

  • Blowout
  • Color Touchup
  • Color Design USA: Permanent
  • KMS: Haircut & Styling


My customer used box color and was unhappy with the results which is not uncommon for people that use store bought do it yourself color treatments.


Unfortunately, box color treatments are very general and do not take into account the individual needs to properly treat your hair. In addition, box treatments typically contain chemicals that can severely damage your hair. In my clients case, the box color treatment left her hair dull and damaged which we had to fix.


As you can see, we corrected her hair color, gave her fresh cut and a blowout which left her hair red, fiery, and fierce.

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